Welcome to the Ireby & Uldale PC Website

Our objective in producing this website has been to be as informative as possible about the areas covered by the local Parish Council. The site is mainly to convey such things as Meeting Agenda and Minutes of those meetings.

The ‘About’ page provides a little information about the areas within the Parish: where they are, their history, what facilities they have to offer and any other available detail.

We would emphasise that the Parish Council meetings are open to all and would encourage as many people as possible to attend. We are all stakeholders in the life of our community.

We welcome any comments that you may wish to make about this website. If you spot any errors, if you feel some of the matters dealt with could be made clearer, if you feel something has been omitted or if you simply want to make an observation or a comment, please send an e-mail to Janice Rae (the Parish Clerk) at clerk@ireby-uldalepc.org.uk or call on 016973 42138 and we will do what we can to address your concerns.

Become a Councillor

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